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The forgiveness programs have been around for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, only one in five Americans that qualify for help with their documents actually take advantage of the programs available to them from the United States Department of Education.

We can help you navigate the process by providing you with the information you need to make a decision about your student debt. Once you’ve come to a decision, we can prepare the appropriate documents for you to submit.


It only takes a few minutes to learn about your repayment options. We’ll have our team review your situation and explain the guidelines so you can make an educated decision in regards your student debt. Consultations are always free.




Does your program require you to certify your income or occupation annually? Our company can prepare your certification papers each year so you don't forget! We'll make sure your documents are prepared correctly and to Department of Education standards so you can actively remain in your program.



If you are in collections we can prepare documents for the loan rehabilitation program. The program offers one of the most affordable solutions to bringing your documents out of default. Once your loans are in good standing, apply for an income driven repayment for more manageable payments.


Programs Available

There are many types of programs available through the US Department of Education to ease the burden of student debt in almost any situation. We can prepare the documents necessary so you can submit them knowing they are prepared correctly.

Income Based Payment

Parent Plus

Disability Discharge

Public Service Forgiveness

School Closing Discharge

Loan Rehabilitation

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I saved over $300 a month by enrolling into an income driven repayment program. Thanks for helping me navigate the paperwork Document Done Right Doc !

My loans were in collections and I had no idea what to do. Document Done Right prepared the paperwork that helped me get my loans back on track

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