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Why is my lender still charging me?

If you chose to request an Administrative hold on your loans temporarily we can prepare this document for you. Please keep in mind the Department of Education will make the final decision if you are approved.

What is my client portal for?

The Client portal is a live feed of your file. You will be able to check the status of your document preparation process and if you need to reprint your prepared documents you can do so under the documents tab in your client portal. You can check your payment plan, loan details and selected program.

How do I access my client portal?

When you first enrolled you received a Welcome email with your Client Portal information. If you accidentally deleted it or it went into your spam we can always reset it for you.

I'm in default and my taxes were taken last year, is it alright to file my taxes now?

If your tax refund was taken (garnished) last year chances are your
tax refund will most likely be taken for the current year
as well. To prevent this from happening, IRS gives you
the option to file an extension form 4868 on the IRS
website which we have indicated below. 
If you are concerned about current or previous
tax garnishments, you may call the IRS automated offset
line at 800-304-3107 and follow their instructions.

Payment Information

When will my payment be drafted?

It will be drafted according to the Enrollment agreement you signed.

How do I request to change my payment date?

Any request for payment changes can be made 48 hrs in advance of the already scheduled payment date. Please click on the link and fill out the form with your request. An Account Manager will respond and assist you with the process.

Can I temporarily pause my file?

You can do this but keep in mind this slows down the document preparation process on you file as your payment plan is aligned with the Enrollment plan you chose.

How can I to cancel my file?

We understand your needs may change. Please reach out to us so we can determine if we can adjust your program to help you. If you still choose to cancel your file please complete the cancellation request included in your agreement and send it to our email support@documentsdoneright.com. You may also mail it to our mailing address on the form. We care about our clients and we want to keep you happy!

What is your refund policy?

We will refund any monies paid in within 72 hours of your enrollment if no documents have been prepared. Once paperwork has been sent no payments will be refunded. If you would like to resume your paperwork in the future any monies paid towards the entire document preparation process will happily be applied to your new Enrollment plan.


I have not received my documents as I was promised

Please check your spam and junk mail to be certain that it did not get forwarded there by your email provider.

Where do I send the documents I received in my email?

Please read the body of the email which will give you
detailed instructions on what to do and where to
send it. You may also log into your client portal in
order to check status of your document preparation.

What if I need my documents resent to me?

For your convenience you can access all of your documents through your client portal.

Why can't you submit my documents for me?

We are a document preparation company who is not
affiliated with the Department of Education. We
prepared your documents to ensure accuracy for the
payment plan you selected based on the information
you provided to us on your initial intake. After which
you again verified the entire process and the accuracy of
your application with our Compliance Officer. With
that said, your documents must be submitted by you, as
the Department Of Education requires live signatures
from you, the student loan borrower.


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