There are many companies who purport to help consumers with their substantial student loans. Many of these companies make deceitful claims and do little after receiving the consumer’s first payment.

Here’s how to spot the scammers:


Are you affiliated with the Department of Education?

Scams in this industry will represent themselves as the Department of Education and promise immediate forgiveness.

Do you need my FSA ID?

NEVER give out your FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID to anyone or allow them to create it for you.  This information is between you, the government, and NO ONE else. If a company asks for it or offers to set one up for you, immediately cease all contact.

What is your address?

Scam companies will use virtual addresses to cover up their actual location.  Google the address and check whether it is virtual or not.

How can I pay for these services?

It takes a lot of vetting to acquire credit/debit transaction capability.  Since customers can report the fraud to the bank and get a refund, scam companies will request all payments through money order or cashier’s check.

Can't get a hold of them?

Scam companies operate by acting quickly and moving on to the next victim.  If all communication ceases upon payment, be weary.

Do you have social media?

These companies will not participate in social media, news outlets, or their community (i.e. Chamber of Commerce)

Can I speak with a manager?

There is no shame in asking to speak to a different representative or a manager to ease your concerns if you feel the person you are talking to may be trying to take advantage of you.  A scammer will ignore your request or say everyone is busy, either because they are acting alone, or have a monetary interest in keeping you on the phone with them only.

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